Aiming for Long Life and Good Health

In order to eliminate the gap between the average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy, it is necessary that we exercise taking charge of our health. When we become healthy, not only we become happier but it greatly benefits the health of our country’s financial situation with decrease of medical costs.

Life in '90 era
Everyone hopes to forever live with youthful vigor. However, in practice, the difference between the average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy is about 10 years in most countries. Healthy life expectancy refers to life without the aid of others when we can live truly independently. We can obtain a longer Healthy life expectancy by setting our minds to improve our daily habits as 1) diet, 2) exercise and 3) sleep.

These 3 points are crucial in creating better health. We have created a “Health Calendar” where you can mark your daily habits on a daily basis and monitor your health. Adjustments needed can be easily pinpointed by simply looking at your daily progress. We urge you to print the Health Calendar and start caring for your health as soon as possible.

Today, health foods, functional products, dietary supplements, and a variety of products are available to “assist” health all over the world. These health supplements are essentially supplements neither being medicine nor food. Some manufacturers claim supplements to be sufficient to maintain our health but that is absolutely untrue. Ultimately, we must pay maximum of attention to our diet.

The role of dietary supplements

  1. Supplementing lack of necessary nutrients
  2. Supplementing nutrients that cannot be obtained from our diet.
  3. Supplementing nutrients that are quickly utilized in our bodily functions.

The above mentioned are just fundamental roles. Of course, there are supplements geared toward more specific benefits as improved physical condition and energy.

The benefits of food

In order to maintain life, we must eat. In order to maintain good health, we should take good care of the following points with high quality supplements:

  1. Healthy blood, strong blood vessels, and healthy blood circulation.
  2. Healthy metabolism, digestion, absorption and excretion.
  3. Healthy immune system.

Magnus will continue creating tools to support a healthy long life.

Your healthy longevity is up to you

The key to Health and longevity, is in our minds. Let's first change the idea that our good health is eternal and unchanging. Similar to our lives, our health is continuously changing and adapting to the environment. We might be healthy one day and catch a cold the next. We might think all is well while living unhealthy habits unaware of the burden on our health. We might think that a visit to the doctor’s office will solve our health problems in the case we become sick. That’s wishful thinking. The best prevention is awareness that we ourselves create our own health.

1 Write down the contents of your meals for one week

This is a powerful tool that allows us to really see what kind of foods we tend to eat, portions and quality as well as eating schedule. We can clearly see what kind of nutrients we are lacking and should supplement in our diet.

2 Exercising

This is a difficult habit to maintain. To strengthen muscle tone and stamina, exercising regularly is essential. Exercising support good blood circulation and healthy respiration. If your lifestyle is sedentary, start by stretching in your own home and gradually challenge walking and other exercises.

3 Sleeping

Today, many people suffer from Sleep deprivation syndrome. The stresses of daily life may intrude upon our ability to sleep well, or perhaps we trade sleep for more work or play. Poor sleep is cause of many illnesses and early aging. A good restful sleep is necessary for a long and healthy life.